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Blogger Monkey Alert

We have suffered a major failure on multiple levels. The server hosting Bloggermonkey and the backup software both failed. We have lost a lot of data, pretty much everything. The site is back and has almost complete functionality again. We have some enhancements planned for site functionality and of course disaster recovery now.

Blogger Monkey Alert

Hello monkey lovers. I just wanted to let you know that Blogger Monkey has been updated to the latest version of the fabulous and wonderful WordPress. This should not affect anything on your blogs. It was just a security release all of us. Thanks for checking in.

Blogger Monkey Alert

Hello all! The Blogger Monkey has just moved this site to a new server. We needed much faster Internet and the disk was failing on our old server. Oh well, we can use the old server to jump off of now.

Site Update

Blogger Monkey has been updated to the latest release of WordPress MU. Everything seems to be working fine.

Updated sitemap support

We have just installed updated sitemap support for the big search engines to see your blog updates more quickly. Share your stuff.

Monkey Alert

Due to the WordPress software upgrade you may have lost the familiar editor buttons that you had when writing a post. Do not panic, they are still there. They are just being bad monkeys and hiding. To force them out of hiding just login to your blog – Click on the Users menu link at the top – Click on the Your Profile tab just below the menu – Click the Use the visual editor when writing box – Click Update Profile. That’s it. You are done and the pretty editor buttons are back!

Blogger Monkey Site Update

We have just updated the site to the latest release build of WordPress MU. The upgrade was performed to realize the performance increase in this new build of WordPress MU. All existing plugins are still working, and all blog data is intact.

Media Player

We are still hard at work on a new design of the front page for Blogger Monkey. It will be alive soon. We have added the ‘Random Blog’ plug-in and activated the link in the Admin Bar. More plug-ins to come. There are a lot of plug-ins out there, some just aren’t ready for Blogger Monkey.

More Plugins

I have just added a video streaming plugin and have installed Meebo widgets for use on your blogs. Meebo is great, they provide you a website to use various IM applications that you may not normally have access to from work.

Site look and feel work

My monkey friends and I are currently hard at work figuring out an appropriate theme for this site. Keep checking back for updates. We will still allow blog users to use any of the themes available once we decide on the Blogger Monkey look.

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